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Watermelon-Lime Agua Fresca


Refresh in the shade with this delicious summer drink.

Refresh in the shade with this delicious summer drink.

Oooh yeaah. Summer is here! Here in Seattle, we have had a beautiful spring, but I’m still really excited for summer. We’ve been teased with great weather just to be rained out and chilled, week after week.

Well, summer is official now! And what could be more refreshing and summery than watermelon? How about watermelon-lime agua fresca? Eh?

I feel ashamed to admit, but it never occurred to me to make my own agua fresca (which is basically juice) until we were in India last summer. Our hotel’s breakfast buffet (the most ridiculously delicious buffet ever) always had some kind of agua fresca, and watermelon was my favorite. I ignored the “don’t eat fresh fruit unless you peel it yourself” rule when it came to this refreshing drink. And it turns out it’s easy to make at home. Yay!

Last summer I made this pretty often, and combined it with lemonade to make it special. (Note, also good with vodka…). Today I tried it with straight lime juice. The watermelon I used today wasn’t the best ever, nor were the limes. But it’s still such a good drink! I have heard adding fresh basil or cucumber are great, too, and I’ll definitely be trying that as the summer moves forward.

Not the best watermelon ever, but I tell you what, that is totally ok.

A mediocre watermelon, but I tell you what, that is totally ok when you’re making juice.

To make Watermelon-Lime Agua Fresca:

I used 1 medium sized watermelon and 3 limes. And no sugar!

Peel and cube a watermelon, and puree in the blender. Seeds are fine, they’ll be strained out in a minute. And even a little white part is fine, no need to be particular.

Blending the watermelon

Blending the watermelon

Pour the blended fruit into a strainer over a pitcher. Let drain, occasionally stirring to move the pulp from the bottom. I also press the solids a little with a back of a spoon, just to squeeze all the goodness out. You’ll need to empty the strainer occasionally to keep the liquid flowing.

It's a little messy, as watermelon is, so I advice doing this in the sink. Strain right into the pitcher.

It’s a little messy, as watermelon is, so I advice doing this in the sink. Strain right into the pitcher.


I squeezed the lime in at the end, then chilled the whole thing. Serve outside on a hot day, and pretend you’re on vacation. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Watermelon-Lime Agua Fresca

  1. That’s exactly how I prep watermelon for Watermelon margs. Simply add the watermelon juice to your existing margarita recipe until it’s the right shade of pink. You’ll know it when you see it. Very refreshing.

  2. I’ve been making watermelon/lime/vodka agua frescas constantly since summer came early to PDX. Plain watermelon juice is also really nice with a splash of St Germain — adds a floral note that’s really tasty.

    • My pitcher is nearly empty after a day and a half… and I meant to save some for guests coming tonight. Guess I’ll need to make more! I can see this will be a constant in my fridge. And it makes a great substitute for dessert!

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