Soil and Cellar

Growing and preserving foods in Seattle

Welcome to my garden!

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I’m so glad you came to read my blog! The topic is growing food and preserving food, and I’ll be writing about my experience and also my new experiments.

I’ve been gardening for years, and have been growing veggies on and off all my life. Mostly easy stuff like tomatoes, peas, beans, squash, carrots, garlic, that sort of thing. This spring, I am unemployed and hope to have a lot more time for my garden than I have recently. Since I’ve taken on this blog project, I hope it will inspire me (yay for peer pressure!) to keep up with the garden and maybe even try something new.

For food preservation, I’m mostly interested in canning. I love making jam and pickling things – you can read about my history with it in my “About Me” section. My current obsession started from reading a book where a main character was canning peaches, and it felt like such an idyllic way of life – growing and preserving your own food. Mainly it was about the peaches, though. Then, after reading some dystopian novels, I want to be ready should the apocalypse arrive (something I nervously refer to as a “The Road” scenario). All this was in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until my mom passed away that I realized how important canning was to my sense of family and home.

On this blog, you can expect to see posts about:

  • Gardening (Soil)
  • Canning and food preservation (Cellar)
  • What I’m cooking this week
  • What I’m preserving this week

I hope you’ll check back from time to time. I don’t claim to have any great secrets, but I am trying to get there. I see this blog as a documentation of my trials. Let me know what you’re working on, too!



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